Story Time Soccer with Coach Matt and Coach Kirstie

What is Story Time Soccer?


How do we use stories to teach soccer?

During our classes, participants are led through an interactive story to capture their attention and focus. They act out a variety of story scenarios that replicate soccer drills and make them fun! Our certified coach demonstrates all the soccer techniques so that the children can see the skill, comprehend it, learn it, practice it and replicate it.

Our Instructors teach soccer through stories so children can:

- Learn a variety of soccer techniques
- Develop motor functions
- Improve social skills
- Build self-esteem
- Normalize healthy habits
- Develop spacial awareness
- Captivate their imagination
- Have lots of fun!

Why do we use stories?

Children at this age do not enjoy traditional sports drills and are not psychologically ready to understand the reasons for them. But when we lead them through a story lil, "Harry the chicken & his lost precious eggs" and tell them that it's now their job to look after the eggs, we have just caught their attention!

Why Choose Story Time Soccer?

Lasting Influence:
Our coaches are trained to be positive role models that will challenge children to step outside of their boundaries. Participants leave our program with a grasp of soccer fundamentals, a positive impression of sports, and an enormous head start on motor development!

Parents register for free and fees are paid monthly. For convenience, kids are automatically enrolled in the following monthly session. Please call us prior to the start of the month if you plan to withdraw.

Our program travels to the preschool, allowing children to attend a quality activity during preschool time. Parents save time and gas because they don't have to take their child to additional after school or weekend activities.

Our company only uses certified coaches that have undergone comprehensive background checks.